Esterilitzador UV, esterilitzador de llum UV, generador d'ozó, sistema ro, sistema d'osmosi inversa, planta de tractament d'aigua

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UV Sterilizer
Ultraviolet sterilizer refers to the equipment that uses the ultraviolet mercury lamp as the light source and the 253.7nm ultraviolet radiation radiated during the discharge of mercury vapor in the lamp tube as the main spectral line to disinfect drinking water (hereinafter referred to as sterilizer).
The ultraviolet sterilizer has the characteristics of no dead angle, good light radiation conditions, low energy consumption, flexible and convenient equipment installation and disassembly, and no secondary pollution. Compared with chlorine sterilization, the ultraviolet sterilizer does not need to add chemical agents, no secondary pollution, no mixing equipment, and greatly reduces the equipment operation cost. If it is drinking water, the ultraviolet sterilizer is safe and will not have an adverse impact on the human body due to the excess of agents. Compared with ozone sterilizer, ultraviolet sterilizer has the advantages of low energy consumption, no large mixer and no fishy smell. It not only feels good, but also reduces the operation cost

Ozone Generator
Ozone is recognized as a broad-spectrum and efficient disinfectant in the world. The new generation of green and environmental protection high-tech product oxygen generator uses natural air as raw material and generates high concentration ozone by electronic high-frequency and high-voltage discharge. There is one more active oxygen atom ozone than oxygen molecules. Ozone has particularly active chemical properties. It is a strong oxidant that can quickly kill bacteria in the air at a certain concentration. Ozone has strong oxidizability and has four functions: oxidation, sterilization, decolorization and deodorization.