sistema de tractament d'aigua Accessoris per a membrana RO sistema big ro, membrana RO

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Water Treatment Accessories include:
Esterilitzador UV,Generador d'ozó,ro membrana,Membrana UF,bomba d'aigua,valve,activated carbon,resin,Carcassa del filtre de cartutx,Dipòsit d'emmagatzematge d'aigua d'acer inoxidable,

The following is the introduction of common accessories for pure water systems:
1. Filter element:

The filter element is one of the most critical components in the pure water system, which is used to remove impurities, particles, odors and bacteria from the water. Common filter elements include pre-filter, activated carbon filter, reverse osmosis membrane and post-deionized resin.

2. ro membrane:
Reverse osmosis membranes are the key components used to remove ions, microorganisms and macromolecular organics from water in pure water systems. It separates water molecules from the solution under high pressure to produce high purity water.

3. Pressure barrel:
The pressure barrel is a container used to store purified water after reverse osmosis treatment, while maintaining a certain pressure in order to stabilize the output of pure water flow.

4. Controller:
The controller is used to monitor and control the operation of the pure water system, which can set operating parameters, monitor water quality and alarm system.

5. UV lamp (UV lamp) :
The ultraviolet lamp is a disinfection equipment that kills bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms in the water through ultraviolet radiation to ensure the health and safety of pure water.

6. Ion exchange resin:
Ion exchange resins are used to remove ions from water, such as hardness ions, heavy metal ions, etc., to further improve the purity of water.

These accessories play an important role in the pure water system, and they work together to ensure that the pure water quality meets the requirements of the standard.
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