Reverse Osmosis Equipment Water Treatment Plant Water Purification Plant

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Reverse osmosis equipment is to pass the raw water through fine filter, granular activated carbon filter, compressed activated carbon filter, etc., and then pressurize it through pump, with an aperture of 1 / 10000 μ M (equivalent to 1 / 6000 of the size of E. coli and 1 / 300 of the size of virus), the reverse osmosis membrane (RO membrane) can change the water with higher concentration into water with lower concentration, and isolate all the impurities mixed into the water, such as industrial pollutants, heavy metals, bacteria and viruses, so as to meet the physical and chemical indexes and health standards specified for drinking, and produce clear to pure water. It is the best choice for human body to supplement high-quality water in time Because the purity of water produced by RO reverse osmosis technology is the highest among all water making technologies mastered by mankind, and the cleanliness is almost 100%

Reverse Osmosis Equipment Water Purification Plant Water Treatment Plant,reverse osmosis system,ro system,
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